Onsite Services

VRWA provides onsite assistance to water and wastewater systems in Vermont. This assistance takes many forms and is designed to aid operators, managers, owners and boards. In all cases, VRWA strives to help systems develop technical, managerial and financial capacity. See photos of our field staff in action. Contact us today for help with your issues. VRWA staff provide onsite assistance in the all of the areas listed below.

Please see our School Resource and Information page for additional resources for schools with their own drinking water source.

See our Field Notes page for relevant articles on technical assistance issues.

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  • Leak detection
  • Underground utilities locating
  • Water treatment and distribution system troubleshooting
  • Maintenance and flushing program development and implementation
  • Backflow and metering expertise
  • Water system warning signs
  • Process control
  • Laboratory work
  • Smoke testing
  • Camera work



  • Rate analysis
  • Loan and priority list application assistance
  • Budget development
  • Capital improvement planning
VRWA's onsite assistance and training services are supported by many sources, including the following: VRWA member systems, VRWA associate members , National Rural Water Association, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. Learn more about our partners through our Links page. Consider making a donation to VRWA to help support ongoing work.